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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Popular Home Remodeling Projects

On the off chance that you are making upgrades to your home this year, take nurture imperative patterns clearing the business the nation over. Home plan patterns are not simply created; they depend on the new ideas and outlines that industry specialists have created, and also sharp examinations of how social tastes have changed. Buyer Reports as of late accumulated this essential information, and their discoveries take after. On the off chance that you are hunting down contractual workers in Atlanta to revamp your home this year, these are the components you ought to fuse into your outline conspire.

# Low-Maintenance Features

Nowadays, spare time is an extravagance. Time to clean and keep up a house is at an untouched low. That is the reason today’s purchasers are occupied with configuration highlights that oblige almost no upkeep. Thus the prominence of materials like:

  • Quartz ledges
  • Stainless steel machines, a large portion of which are currently smear, scratch, and unique finger impression confirmation
  • PVC and aluminum-based outside elements like pergolas and overhangs
  • Smirch and stain-safe paint

# Luxury Appliances

Following the trend of low-maintenance products, 2016 is also seeing a rise in high-tech, convenience-based appliances. Look for refrigerators, stovetops, dishwashers, and washing machines with smart features like Wi-Fi operation, electronic notifications, easy-to-use controls, and simple operation.

These luxury appliances also come with sleek exteriors and brilliant finishing details. They come in a variety of designs so that your entire kitchen can come together perfectly.

 # Environmentally Conscious Homes

Eco-friendly is now nearly the rule, not the exception. Water-efficient products like top-of-the-line water heaters, purifiers, washers, and generators are the future in saving water and keeping it clean, all while minimizing energy input. Also look for thermal doors and windows-windows that prevent air leakage and keep the summer heat out-and radiant floor heating.

Possibly the most important eco-friendly feature in 2016 is the use of recycled materials for exterior siding, flooring, roofing, countertops, and more.

# The New Minimalism

Minimalism is not as blank and bare as it used to be. A more tasteful and homey style is popular in 2016, one that focuses on beautiful materials and natural light over personal decor. Consider updating your home with textured ceilings, wall panels, patterned tile, and unobstructed views of bright and well-maintained exteriors. Rather than creating rooms with blank walls and floors-rooms that need to be decorated to the brim-consider building interiors that are guest-ready with just a few pieces of furniture. The final effect will be warm and inviting without a trace of clutter.

All this being said, you are still free to be yourself when you renovate your home this year. Consider these important 2016 trends to be sure your home does not appear stale or outdated; at the same time, allow your personal tastes to determine your design scheme. Expert renovation contractors in Atlanta can help you perfect your new home design as well as implement it with skill and dedication so that you are pleased with the final product.

Vinyl Tiles Advantages

On the off chance that you are anticipating a remodel venture and it includes another floor, then it is likely that you have taken a gander at significantly more ground surface specimens than you want to admit to. What’s more, on the off chance that you have not yet figured out what kind of ground surface, then the measure of deck you have looked is likely significantly more. All things considered, from cover squares to extravagance vinyl tile there are unlimited decisions in hues, styles, and surfaces. Be that as it may, maybe one you may not be as acquainted with is extravagance vinyl tile.

LVT is a great deal more than the customary vinyl flooring squares that were once in your mother’s kitchen. Or maybe it is an exquisite floor choice that incorporates wood and stone – look items in hues and surfaces that can trick the eye into trusting they are the genuine article.

Advantages of Using Luxury Vinyl Tiles

  • Establishment strategy is not constrained. LVT can be stuck down like cover squares or they can be coasted. The tiles or boards can be clicked together to skim in exceptional underlayment, and will cover u[ flaws in a subfloor.
  • Since there is no wood inside the tile, the ground surface is not influenced by water or dampness. Actually, it could be absorbed a tub and not swell or clasp.
  • It is thinner than hardwood, stone, or ceramic tile, which makes it easier to use in a renovation where uneven floor could create a problem.
  • It is softer to walk on than tile, and can withstand spills better than hardwood making it the [perfect flooring for families with young children or pets. This softer feel also makes it more comfortable when you need to stand for a longer period of time.
  • It is very resistant to dirt, and with just basic maintenance (mopping and sweeping) it will keep for years to come.
  • Absorbs sound and can help create a more peaceful atmosphere in the room.
  • Installation is quicker than other types of flooring. It can usually be done in half the amount of time.


Improving Home to Add Value

Enhancing our house is constantly top of brain. To us home enhancements don’t mean we need to totally redesign a room or the whole house. We don’t even dependably go up against real errands like supplanting tile, cover or painting frequently we go up against more straightforward more modest fixes. Indeed, even basic things like including some new blossoms, plants or workmanship can totally liven and change a space. Perused on for straightforward pick me ups for your home.

We should begin in the lounge. Our room has a huge amount of windows and entryways letting in real measures of regular light yet frequently gives off an impression of being somewhat dim. There are a few fixes to our issue. Some more major than others. We considered including bay windows which is somewhat expensive however saves money on power charges over the long haul for we would not need to have lights helping the space.

Another choice that is sensible is to help the shading paint we have on the divider. We tend to stay with beige which is impartial yet a shading, for example, yellow can add warmth and convey comfort to a space. Another alternative we have considered is supplanting the dim wood furniture in the space with lighter shaded furniture or covering it with white paint. Heaps of alternatives are accessible to add light to a space.

Next we move on to the kitchen. So much happens in this area of anyone’s home. It is a central hub for families and friends to gather. Improving on a space such as this is to add function, coziness without deleting spaciousness and functionality. Adding built ins can really improve a kitchen space. One example is the microwave. Having this item stacked above the stove instead of on a counter adds a tremendous amount of space.

Another great tip for the kitchen is to add an overhang from the counter tops for a mini-meal space. Bar stools are convenient ways to add seating without taking up space in a situation like this. I also like adding in a fresh herb assortment to add a fresh feel. Instead of using a counter add mason jars on shelves or hooks with the herbs growing from them. This can really improve the feel of a kitchen.

Home improvements aren’t always necessarily items that we can immediately see. Adding insulation to improve the heating and cooling performance of your homes air conditioning system and home heating system are great examples of this. Adding energy efficient appliances as well as heating and cooling units save you money over the long haul which is a huge improvement to your home and can increase the home’s value tremendously in the eyes of future buyers.

Home improvements come in all shapes, sizes and budgets. How you improve your home and why is up to you. Some people are updating and upgrading for resale value only. Others want to make their homes cozy havens to relax and enjoy. Whatever the reason for your next home improvement, big or small, remember the end result will make it all worth the effort put into it.