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Guide to Clean Exterior Windows

Shimmering and clean outside windows make your home look all around took care of regardless of what the season is. Be that as it may, cleaning windows can be extremely hazardous on the off chance that you don’t keep vital wellbeing measures in your psyche. Cleaning outside windows doesn’t mean cleaning the glasses just rather there are high window’s rooftops and confined corners where it is extremely hard to reach and tidy up. Every one of these territories of a window ought to likewise be cleaned keeping in mind the end goal to make an impeccable showing with regards to with cleaning the windows. Before you begin with tips on cleaning outside windows, you ought to remember the accompanying wellbeing tips so you can have an impeccably clean window without harming yourself.

# If the window is higher, you can clean it from inside. But you would really have to be careful about not leaning out too far while cleaning the window. You can fall while doing so and hurt yourself.

# If you are to clean the window by climbing a ladder, don’t forget to close the window and lock it. So that while cleaning it; some extra pressure won’t open the window unbalancing you on the ladder.

# Before climbing up the ladder, make sure that its rubber feet are secured so that it will stay firm. Don’t ever try to climb a ladder whose rungs are broken or bent as it may not be able to hold your weight for a long time.

# If the floor is wet, dry it first and then place the ladder. This would prevent you from slipping.

# If you have to clean the window in awkward angles and corners than use a ladder that has a pointed top so that it would easily reach such areas.

6) Don’t lean in the ladder, stand or sit on wooden window boxes or sills as they are weakened with time.

Once you have kept in mind your safety, here are some tips that can help you have sparkling and clean exterior windows and mirrors also:

1) Always clean your windows with warm water mixed with vinegar or lemon juice. And for rubbing down use leather or old newspapers on a sunny day so that the windows will dry easily.

2) Before washing the window glass, wash the window frames so that all the dust would get washed away. For painted frames use warm water mixed with detergent and wipe it with a dry cloth. For frames made up of wood, it is better to dust it off.

3) Bird droppings can be easily removed with the help of a little hot vinegar on a piece of cloth.

4) For your ease, use a squeegee with rubber blade and sponge on each side to control the flow of water and with some extensions so that you can easily reach awkward and high corners.

5) Add half cup of vinegar to a gallon of warm water. Wet the sponge and clean the window, press and move rubber blade from top to bottom on the window to clean the water. Wipe with the dry cloth and repeat the process again.

Cleaning exterior windows will make your home look good but you also have to take care of your safety before you start.